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Find The Origin

Origins and Traceability of Honey in the Garden Honey

All honey, honeycomb and pollen sold by Honey in the Garden are from nectar and pollen from Western Australia. For traceability, and to learn more about your honey, click on the below batch codes found on your label:

  • BB (Blackbutt)

  • MA (Red Gum/Marri)

  • JA (Jarrah)

  • PB (Powderbark)

  • WA (Wandoo)

  • WF (Wildflower)


Certificates for Labelling

All labels showing a total activity have been tested by a recognised and reputable testing laboratory.  As the ChemCentre in Western Australia, is now NATO compliant, we will continue to use them for all our certificates for consistency of testing and results. 


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