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Wandoo Honey


Tree Type:
Eucalyptus Wandoo

Nyoongar Calendar:
October - December
Batch Identifiers: WAXXX
  • 901 902 903

Honey in the Garden bees love and thrive in the Perth spring environment.  With cold days on the decline, the bees are keen to get out and enjoy the warm spring days and forage from mid-morning through to the late afternoon. 


They collect nectar and pollen for the hive from Western Australia's Wandoo/WhiteGum flowers and the Queen will actively be laying eggs to build the strength of the hive and take advantage of all the beautiful spring flowers.

The West Australian Wandoo season runs roughly from October to December. With the abundance of food coming in, the hive will grow rapidly in the coming weeks.  If not managed, the bees can quickly outgrow their hive. 


When bees outgrow their home, they will naturally draw out the old Queen and find a new hive location for a large number of the bees in the hive.  While they go and settle into a new home with the old Queen, a new Queen will have been created just in time to take over the existing hive.

Using Wandoo Honey

Our Wandoo honey is a special favourite and especially when it has been creamed. Many remember the creamed honey with fond childhood memories and for those from New Zealand, it is very similar to the popular Clover Honey.

This honey is the perfect sugar replacement. Whether you like your honey runny or thick and creamy you won't be disappointed.  Simply replace refined sugar with less honey and you won't turn back. You can't go past adding the creamed honey to crumpets in the morning.

Add Bonus of Crystallization with Raw Honey:

Only 100% raw honey will crystallize when the honey is exposed to air (reducing the water content) or cold temperatures.  Many of us don't have our honey kept at 34 degrees as the bees do in the hive.   

If you are one of the many customers who search for crystallized honey, then Wildflower is a great choice.    You will find that your honey goes a lot further when it is lusciously thick and easier to spread or scoop out (a great way to avoid the younger generation leaving sticky honey everywhere).  If however, you need the honey to be thicker, simply put the jar in hot (not boiling) water to allow the honey to become runny to suit you.


Creamed Wandoo.png
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