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  • How do I become a stockist?
    Please contact us by email or our online chat (below right) and one of our team will get back to you to assist.
  • What is the best way to store honey?
    The best way to store honey is in your pantry at room temperature. Our honeys are not heat treated and we extract and filter our honey using the traditional process. Because of this, some multiflora honeys can candy or crystalize. To soften, simply heat the jar of honey in warm water to dissolve the crystals. This process can be repeated and will not compromise the qualities of the honey.
  • Where can I purchase Honey in the Garden products?
    Please check this link for available distributor near your area.
  • What does 'TA' stand for?
    ‘TA’ stands for Total Activity. TA refers to honey’s anti-microbial activity (scale of effectiveness at killing bacteria). The higher the TA rating the stronger the antibacterial and antioxidant qualities for healing.
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