Our Story



Honey in the Garden was started in 2016 by passionate beekeepers in Parkerville, Western Australia, to produce premium WA honey products. Our aim is to showcase some of the purest monoflora honeys Australia has to offer, that have a unique and diverse flavour profile. Our raw honey is produced in the hills outside of Perth, Western Australia - one of the most isolated cities in the world. We are surrounded by pristine native woodlands and just a short drive away from one of the longest stretches of Australia’s stunning coastline.


Our beekeepers share fundamental values around sustainable farming, organic living and the preservation of bees to support our ecosystem. Collectively, we adopt responsible beekeeping practices, to ensure our bees are healthy and productive and our core beekeeping group are members of relevant community and industry groups. These include the WAAS (Western Australian Apiary Society) and the WABA (Western Australian Beekeepers Association).

Our aim is to produce and deliver premium quality natural honey, in its purest form.  A huge amount of research on honey has been done and scientific evidence has consistently proven the health benefits of including raw organic honey in your regular diet. We have created a range of honey products, that offer versatile and interesting solutions to our customers, with unique flavours and customised packaging. Our Classic Range includes raw, mono and multiflora honeys and our Gourmet Range of honeys are a more complex flavour, with the addition of herb and spice flavourings. We also have salad dressing products featuring our honey, along with gift products for young and old alike. 


The business has two divisions - commercial beekeeping, and natural honey production and distribution. Our range of raw honey products is sold through a growing list of retail stockists across WA and other parts of Australia. We want to continue to grow our business, through innovating our product lines and further exploration of interstate and international sales opportunities.