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Powederbark Honey

Bindoon / Moondyne

Tree Type:
Eucalyptus Accedens

Nyoongar Calendar:
January - March
Batch Identifiers: PBXXX
  • 800 801 802 803 804

Our Powderbark honey comes from the nectar of the Ironbark trees in Western Australia. The native flora Eucalyptus accedens is a tree that typically grows to a height of 15 to 25 metres. Its diameter can be as large as 1.5 metres.


The smooth bark is notable for being covered in a talc-like powder. It is pale white when fresh, turning a shade of orange before being shed again.

Powderbark honey boasts a lovely buttery-smooth texture as well as a mild hint of toffee and candy-floss undertones. An easily accepted honey variant for everyone’s palate.


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