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Marri Honey

Dwellingup / Hans River State /

Mundaring State Forest

Tree Type:
Eucalyptus Marginata

Nyoongar Calendar:
November - December
Harris River State forest harvey.png
Batch Identifiers: JAXXX
  • 208 209 210 212 213 214 215 216


Honey in the Garden Jarrah Honey is from the South West region in Western Australia. The Jarrah tree or Eucalyptus marginata is endemic to the southwest of WA and each tree can grow up to 40 meters tall.


It is one of the most commonly found trees in WA and is identifiable by its magnificent creamy flowers when in bloom Jarrah is commonly used as hardwood, but its honey is coveted as the trees only flower once every 2 to 3 years.

A darker, rich yellow honey, Jarrah honey is also known for its antimicrobial properties and has been compared to Manuka honey for its healing properties. Its Total Activity (TA) levels have been thoroughly tested and, in many cases, shown to be comparable to those of Manuka honey.

Jarrah is receiving a lot of well-deserved publicity due to scientific research on the honey's health benefits.  Look after yourself on the inside by adding this honey to your favourite dishes or simply sneak a tablespoon or two straight from the spoon.

Our Wildflower Honey, from ancient pristine bushland, has a Total Activity of 15+ giving you great confidence in the honey you are purchasing.

Using Jarrah Honey

This flexibility in texture makes it one of the most versatile honey in our range. It can be spooned easily into cooking with no mess or dripping or softened to a smooth liquid for drizzling simply by standing the jar in some hot water for a minute or so.


- Health professionals recommend eating 1tsp a day for good health

- Add to a health shake or yoghurt to kick start the day with energy

- Use in a cocktail at the end of a busy day

- Great dripped over a fruit and nut platter and with cheese and crackers

- A good product to have in the pantry for medicinal use for wounds, dry skin, and burns.

Add Bonus of Crystallization with Raw Honey:

Only 100% raw honey will crystallize when the honey is exposed to air (reducing the water content) or cold temperatures.  Many of us don't have our honey kept at 34 degrees as the bees do in the hive.   


If you are one of the many customers who search for crystallized honey, then Wildflower is a great choice. You will find that your honey goes a lot further when it is lusciously thick and easier to spread or scoop out (a great way to avoid the younger generation leaving sticky honey everywhere). 


If however, you need the honey to be thicker, simply put the jar in hot (not boiling) water to allow the honey to become runny to suit you.

Certificates for Labelling

Honey in the Garden obtains certificates for all honey above XX grams.  All labels showing a total activity have been tested by a recognised and reputable testing laboratory.  As the ChemCentre in Western Australia, is now NATO compliant, we will continue to use them for all our certificates for consistency of testing and results. 


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