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Blackbutt Honey

Neergabby / Dandaregan /

Mundaring State Forest

Tree Type:
Coastal - Eucalyptus Todtiana
Forest - Eucalyptus Patens 

Nyoongar Calendar:
December - January
Batch Identifiers: BBXXX
  • 726 727 728 729 732 733 734 


Our Coastal and Forest Blackbutt honey is made by the bees foraging nectar from the Blackbutt tree which is part of the Eucalyptus family. Blackbutt honey has one of the highest antimicrobial activities (Total Activity (TA) often over >35). The Blackbutt tree can grow up to 40 metres or more in height with a long straight cylindrical trunk. It can measure up to 3 metres in diameter.

This medium to dark-coloured thick syrup honey has a strong and full-bodied flavour unlike any other Eucalyptus honey and is collected in WA from December to January when the climate is in the dry and hot Birak season (December-January).

Blackbutt honey is fantastic honey to mix with freshly brewed tea or to use in savoury dishes with meats such as chicken or beef.


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