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Wildflower Honey 15+TA 500g

Our Wildflower honey is crafted from the vibrant blooms of native wildflowers, this dark-hued honey embodies the essence of coastal beauty and floral diversity.brings the unique to Western Australia.  A delicious dark coloured honey with the unique flavours of nectar from coastal wildflowers.


Each jar of our Wildflower 15+ TA Honey is a testament to the intricate relationship between nature and our hardworking bees. Savor the unique flavors and aromas derived solely from the nectar of coastal wildflowers, meticulously gathered by our buzzing friends.

Wildflower Honey 15+TA 500g

  • 100% raw honey from Australian native wildflowers. Available in 450g jar (Glass) or 500g (Tub).

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