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The Super Foodie Pack

The Super Foodie Pack is the perfect gift for the health nut, your friend who is sick, is about to be sick or has just been sick - so all of us in fact!


Superfoods are the new black, possessing qualities that boost immunity, and nurture your health and body.

The Super Foodie Pack

  • Honey in the Garden's Marri honey contains the requisite amount of the enzymes that produce the Total Activity that Manuka Honey is best known for. Our Marri honey has been tested in NZ and has a certified TA level of 30+.

    Pollen is a powerful natural food, consisting of flower pollen and nectar, enzymes, honey and wax. It can be consumed daily and is believed to reduce inflammation, boost immunity and enhance vitality due to its high levels of active nutrients.

    Both of these honey products can be added to meals on a daily basis to maintain good health, or support recuperation from illness. The honey can be drizzled over or into almost anything - from breakfast bowls to salads, grilled meats to decadent desserts. The pollen is great sprinkled over breakfast bowls, into salads or whizzed into a favourite smoothie blend.

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