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The Essentials Pack

The Essentials Pack is the gift that brings the joy of honey to the table every day, including the essential honey needs of every home pantry. 

The Essentials Pack

  • The pack contains two 300g glass jars of delicious raw Honey in the Garden honey. Choose any of the following flavour combinations:

    • Gourmet Cinnamon plus 100% raw Wildflower
    • Gourmet Lemon Myrtle plus 100% raw Wildflower
    • Gourmet Vanilla Bean plus 100% raw Wildflower
    • Gourmet Cinnamon plus Gourmet Lemon Myrtle
    • Gourmet Cinnamon plus Vanilla Bean
    • Gourmet Lemon Myrtle plus Vanilla Bean

    The products are elegantly packaged in a 100% recyclable gift box, with a free wooden honey dipper for serving.

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