Honey for Beautiful Skin

Updated: Nov 4, 2020

Honey has been used for centuries for its healing properties - from food, to medicine to skin care and wound healing. Evidence of its use historically has been found in ancient rock art and wall paintings and it continues to be researched today thanks to the complexity of its minerals, nutrients and chemical compounds.

Research has found raw unprocessed honey to inhibit bacterial activity, and hinder the replication and infestation of fungal and viral infections. So with that in mind, we thought we'd offer you some of the most classic honey based skin care recipes to give you that extra glow and help you through the rough spots of cuts, scrapes and horrific planet-like face pimples!

Note: those with bee, honey or pollen allergies should check with their doctor or pharmacist before trying any bee based products.

Raw Honey for On-the-Spot First Aid

The simplest and quickest use of honey medically is as a first aid treatment for cuts, scrapes or broken skin. Simply dip a clean sterile cotton bud into a jar of Honey in the Garden Jarrah or Marri honey and dab it gently on to the affected area. Not only will the honey seal off the damage from external nasties getting in, it will deal with whatever might have got in with it's own magical antibacterial qualities. If resistance was useless and you squeezed that massive pimple, you can dab some honey on it to seal it - this will not only help it to heal but also help to prevent scarring. If honey is too sticky you can dilute with some purified water, or a bit of olive oil. You can also buy a dedicated honey facial brush (a new makeup brush will do) and paint honey onto your face for a simple moisturising mask.

Honey and Oats face mask and scrub

Yes this is a classic almost every woman the world over has tried at some point. Honey and oats are the essential foundation ingredients but all manner of things can be added in to cater to your own specific skin care needs. For a simple hydrating and cleansing mask, add a tablespoon each of oats and honey to a bowl and stir to combine. Apply this all over the face and leave it sit for 10 minutes or so, then wipe off with a clean face washer. Add your favourite essential oils such as lavender or peppermint to freshen and calm irritation (just a drop or two as essential oils themselves can irritate bare skin if too concentrated). For a deeper clean and a more intense result, add a teaspoon of ground coffee beans (not instant coffee!) and a generous pinch of sea salt to the honey and oat mixture, then use it as a scrub - apply to your fingertips and rub over the skin in gentle upwards circular motions then rinse. The coffee and salt provide a gentle abrasive action, as well as being astringent, reducing the size of pores, while the honey is cleansing and the oats soothing.

The modern day Cleopatra, bathing milk

It was good enough for Egypt's greatest queen so why not you on a Friday night after a long day of ACTUAL work? By 'actual' I mean that almost none of us spend our working day lounging around in a glamorous bikini, playing with snakes and getting our eyeliner touched up every hour by our adoring servants. That Cleopatra had it made huh! Anyway a simple bath milk can be made with 2 cups of milk, blended with ¼ cup of honey, ¼ cup of olive oil and a few drops of your favourite essential oils. Make sure you combine all the ingredients well before adding to the bath so it's not too sticky - a glass jar is a great idea. Simply add the ingredients to the jar, shake vigorously until blended then tip into the bath as it fills. If you don't mind floaty bits in your bath, you can add some cloves, cinnamon quills and star anise for a spicy twist. Your skin will feel silky soft when you get out. Then you can go perfect your winged eyeliner or feed your snakes or whatever you do on a Friday night.

If all of that seems too complicated, you can enjoy the simple cleansing joy of our wonderful Honey and Olive Oil and Honey and Shea Butter soaps.

If you have any favourite honey recipes please share them with us! We are always looking for new and inspiring ways to share with everyone about using our beautiful honey.