A Cast of Thousands in the Greatest Show on Earth

Wildflower season is upon us once again and the largest floral show on Earth is really one of the most majestic sights as the flowers start to appear each year in June. The West Australian wildflower season runs roughly from June to September and blooms come out at different times in different parts of WA as the season progresses. We have the largest collection of wildflower species on earth with over 12,000 identified.

The wildflower season also signals the beginning of a quieter period, with less daylight hours and less sunny days for foraging. This give the bees and the beekeepers an opportunity to enjoy a well earned rest! The vast range of wildflowers provide a good pollen source for our bees and they of course play an essential role in pollinating the plants for future flowering. Our bees pollinate these stunning wildflowers in the natural eastern wheatbelt area of Western Australia. They spend their days enjoying the sunshine and are then in their element, pollinating these stunning wildflowers and collecting nectar that will become delicious Australian honey.

The range of nectar from the wildflowers results in a very distinct flavour. The flavour in our wildflower honey is earthy with a slight boldness that stands on its own. The honey is golden brown in color and less sweet than some other honeys, with a floral undertone. It also offers unusual textures that are not present in every honey. As the winter sets in and our temperatures cool, so does the honey, which causes it to thicken, making it easy to spread without dripping. Naturally forming sugar crystals appear too, adding a very slight crunch to the texture, which is always a treat on fresh bread with lots of butter, with a sharp cheese on crackers, or in a steaming bowl of creamy porridge on a cold morning.

This flexibility in texture makes the wildflower honey one of the most versatile honeys in our range. It can be spooned easily into cooking with no mess or dripping, or softened to a smooth liquid for drizzling simply by standing the jar in some hot water for a minute or so.